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We seek to revolutionize the way a photographer connects with his lens. Meet, a soft, ridged elastomer that stretches over any interchangeable camera lens, allowing photographers everywhere to Grip The Moment.

Grip the Moment provides a fast track for identifying the zoom and focus collars on your camera lens by breaking the uniformity of the lens barrel. Its extruded ridges allow for a better grip, acting as a cushion for your fingers and making fumbling for your focus a thing of the past. Improves your Camera:

  • Extruded ridges on the exterior provide a raised surface that gives you a better grip on the lens cylinder
  • Rifled interior of the band keeps a tight grip on the camera lens
  • The cushioning keeps surface contact to a minimum
  • Soft, durable, and flexible to fit various lenses
  • UV protection
  • Moisture wick channels keep raised ridges dry
  • Improves grip on the lens for easy adjustment
  • Keeps grip fatigue to a minimum
  • Quick manual adjustment in low light areas
  • Prevents lens creep
  • Provides anti-vibration when setting camera lens down

Protect Your Investment

Replacing the repair of the zoom and focus rings that can cost upwards of $200 and prevent the use of your lens for over four weeks, acts as an insurance on your investment. Preventing scratches that result from everyday surface contact, allows photographers to comfortably rest their lenses on ledges and trees. Keeping your lens collars pristine, is the breakthrough in extending longevity and preserving the integrity of your lenses.


Capture with Precision extends the surface of the lens barrel with the added depth of the surface ridges, allowing for more precise micro-adjustments. With a rifled interior that keeps a tight grip on the lens barrel, allows photographers to quickly find and adjust their zoom and focus rings. Eliminating lens creep, is a one-stop-shop for enhancing the photography experience. prolongs the life of your camera lens, saving you time and money. By gripping the entire zoom and focus ring, improves hand placement and the quality of your shots. Keeping your lens free from hand oils, dust, contaminants, and exposure to UV rays, prevents damage and extends the life of your lens.

Customized to any Interchangeable Camera lens

One covers either the zoom or focus ring of the selected lens and is priced at $25. This option can be selected from the store dropdown as “Zoom only” or “Focus only”. The outfit is a bundle that consists of for both the zoom and focus rings of the selected lens and is priced at $45.

*Free shipping for purchases above $90