Thomas Bender has over 32 years as a professional photographer. He developed after years of using electrical tape and rubber bands to stop himself from having to send lens after lens back to the manufacturer. He didn’t like the hand oils that degraded his lens. He didn’t like how ineffective and unprofessional these solutions were. He walked into a small garage design shop one day as a part of a photoshoot and saw a 3D printer creating rubber parts. He talked to RDM, the product development and design company that owned the printer, to see if they could create some prototypes for his idea. Together, they combined for 40 tested prototypes to land at the final solution. He was using it on his lenses when photographers began to question where he got them. That’s when BAND.IT. CO. was organized and business began.

In November 2016, we launched a month-long Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded. With the funds from pre-orders, we moved into a production facility in Gainesville, Florida. In April, we shipped out the Kickstarter units. Shortly afterward, we entered into the University of Florida’s Big Idea Competition where we competed against 175 other teams for the top prize. And we won.


As a company, Co. seeks to revolutionize the way a photographer connects with the camera lens. The first product is called the an elastic black grip that stretches over any camera lens to allow every photographer to Grip The Moment.